In principle, the remuneration will be calculated on the basis of the going rate of an hourly fee.

Depending on the type and dimensions of the assignment, other remunerative arrangements can be agreed upon.

Below, the different possibilities are being mentioned.

  • Payment on the basis of an hourly fee
    The usual way of handling payments, is that the client pays an amount in advance which will be set off with the time actually spent on the basis of the applicable hourly fee.
  • Payment of a fixed amount as a lump sum
    Prior to the work, the client pays a one-time fixed amount, covering all expenses. This way, the client has no uncertainty concerning the ultimate invoice.
  • Payment dependant on the achieved result
    In special circumstances there is the possibility that payment depends completely on the achieved result. If that result is not attained, no payment whatsoever will be made by the client. On the other hand, if the desired result has been achieved, a fee will be applied which will be somewhat higher than the usual applicable hourly fee.

Combination payment
A last possibility is a combination of the abovementioned options, whereby a higher fee will be applicable when the desired result is attained and a lower one when this is not the case.



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