Primarily our aim has been focused on assisting small and medium sized Dutch companies wanting to go international and particularly geared to penetrate the English language and Francophone markets.

These companies often encounter unexpected obstacles in presenting themselves and their product, even after having done extensive market research and gone through the motions of commercial technicalities.

Should these companies be unfamiliar with the ins and outs of a certain market and also be unaware or misunderstand typical cultural traits, slang words and expressions, this could cause serious commercial and financial havoc.
Obviously any sensible entrepreneur wants to avoid pitfalls like these.

Well, that’s where we can step in.
Besides offering them commercial assistance, we offer assistance in a creative sense (like writing slogans and catchy copy, come up with a new logo), help them culturally by adapting their company’s national promotional material to suit their new market and translate their proven promotional material into sound and easily comprehensible English or French.
It stands to reason, we are more than capable to handle the mirrored version of the abovementioned assistance as well, ie. helping companies like yours setting up shop in The Netherlands with all the necessary trimmings.

As the adage goes,

"You only get one chance to make a first impression"

Our services will help you make that impression hit home and stick!


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