Paul Renardel de Lavalette was born into a diplomatic family and has therefore been internationally inclined and motivated from the start.

During his youth Paul lived and went to school in many countries, as diverse as the United States, Egypt and Hong Kong.

After passing his state exam in Brussels (Belgium) and his two years’ stint as a reserve officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy, Paul studied Political Science at the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) and Law at the University of Leyden (Netherlands).

At the Ministry of Economic Affairs he brokered on behalf of Dutch companies operating on foreign markets, promoting their products and services in Asia, the Middle East and Africa through bilateral commercial, as well as development aid talks with government representatives.
He participated actively in international trade missions and shows.
Furthermore, Paul worked for the Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency for a number of years, where he successfully managed to attract interesting and impressive investments from the United States, Asia and Europe to the Netherlands.

With Paul's assertiveness, his acquired expertise, his international orientation, his certain knack for languages, his proven creativity and his extensive up-to-date network, Renardel de Lavalette Services can be of significant value to companies wanting to export to, or set up shop in The Netherlands.


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